The Organizational Communication Concentration (ORGC) is the first undergraduate program of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region. This concentration emphasizes internal communication in its curriculum design. The offered courses equip students with effective communication skills that drive organizational productivity and competitiveness by informing, connecting, engaging and motivating organizational members.

In addition to the key courses in organizational processes and issues such as employee engagement and leadership communication, students will learn the cutting edge of technology vis-à-vis internal communication through courses in data analytics, visualization, artificial intelligence, and multi-platform content production. These courses will train ORGC students to become competent and digitally savvy internal communication professionals who turn plans and projects into concrete reality.

ORGC graduates will be problem-solvers who successfully develop and communicate pertinent messages that advance organizational goals among various stakeholders. The transferable skills offered in this program, such problem solving and decision making and writing for professional communication, will help future graduates find careers in corporate communication. They will take a variety of positions with such responsibilities as producing organizational internal and external websites, managing social media and mobile apps content, enhancing employee relations, organizing employee engagement events, and initiating and overseeing corporate social responsibility projects, and performing data analytics.


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