1.1 Faculty Mentoring Practice

Each year, newly hired faculty members are invited to select a peer mentor from more experienced/senior faculty members who have been with the Department for several years. The mentor helps the newcomer to understand the University culture and practices and interpersonal norms and make a smooth transition to the HKBU life.

1.2 COMS Outstanding Student Service Award for Staff
  • Recipients (2019-2020) Ms. Barbara Fu   |   Mr. Henry Fung
  • Recipients (2020-2021) Dr. Vivienne Leung  |  Dr. Florin Serban  |  Ms. Mimi Yip
  • Recipients (2021-2022) Ms. Barbara Fu | Dr. Michelle Huang | Ms. Nicola Luk
  • Recipients (2022-2023) Ms. Helen Ching | Ms. Agnes Kwok
1.3 Minutes of Departmental Meetings
5. Hiring Help

Procedures and important information for reporting the e-helper timesheet
(1) Ask your helpers to register on the e-Helper Timesheet System (For Non-BU students, provide his/her MPF Enrollment Form for registration purpose)
(2) For BU students, they need to apply working permit via the Student Helper Weekly Working Hours Operating System (WHOS) of S.A. and submit it as proof of eligibility to work on campus https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/portal/career/whos/index.php
(3)  Submit the MPF Enrollment Form, it will be valid for 12 months
(4) To arrange the payment to helper, you need to provide the details including
(i) Full name of your helper, (ii) HKID Number, (iii) Working hour of each week [bases on the calendar], (iv) Total number of working hours for the month, (v) hourly rate for a specific helper [standard hourly rate range: $48 to $66].
(5) Non-local students are allowed to work part-time on-campus for NOT more than 20 hours per week except during summer months from 1 June to 31 August each year when there are no restrictions in relation to work hours https://sa.hkbu.edu.hk/portal/career/whos/index.php
(6) 418 Rules under the Employment Ordinance still applicable to both local and non-local cases (you cannot engage a helper to work 18 hours or more in a week and for a continuous period of 4 weeks), the e-system will NOT allow the second faculty admin to submit such records.
(7) Once the e-timesheet is submitted and approved by the Budget Controller by 30th each month, the helper will receive the payment on 15th next month.
(8) Our submission will NOT be processed by the system if the working date is over 60 days.
For more details, please browse Finance Office’s website

Contacts for Web Content Submission from Faculty
Type of Content

News, Events and Announcements on Department Website

Dicky Leung

News, Events, and Announcements on Social Media


Mimi YIP
or Rita WONG