Formally established in 1991, the Department of Communication Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University is a cornerstone of communication education in Hong Kong. The seeds of the department were sown in 1968 when Public Relations diploma courses were introduced at the Hong Kong Baptist College. Today, the department is a distinguished entity within the School of Communication.

Dedicated to pioneering degree-level education in communication, our department has cultivated numerous graduates who have excelled in various sectors, including advertising, public relations, and organizational communication. These alumni have established formidable careers across public and private sectors, academia, and social service, underlining the department's robust network and influential collaborations in industries, particularly in public relations and advertising.

In our commitment to internationalization, the department boasts a culturally diverse assembly of students and faculty members, hailing from a myriad of regions including the mainland of China, Taiwan, Europe, and North America. This diversity not only enriches our academic environment but also reinforces our global perspective.

Our faculty, a diverse group of teacher-scholars, is dedicated to the advancement of the communication discipline. This dedication is manifested in an educational approach that integrates research with teaching, exploring communication through varied humanistic, social scientific, and professional lenses.

In sum, the Department of Communication Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University offers an environment characterized by rich collaboration and a nurturing atmosphere, conducive to exemplary learning and scholarly pursuit.