Minor Programme

Minor Programme in Public Relations and Advertising. (2022 bulletin Year or after)

Students seeking to pursue the study of a minor programme would need to fulfil 15 units of courses specified by the offering department/programme, and note that no registration priority will be given to enrolment in minor courses. Upon completion of the 15 units required for the minor programmes, students should apply to the Academic Registry for approval.


The structure of the curriculum is as follows:

PRA Minor Core Course (#R-PRA-CORE-001) 3 Units
PRAO 2005 Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising 3 Units
PRA Minor Elective Courses (#R-PRA-ELECT-001)                         12 Units
PRAO 2046 Internal Communication and Employee Engagement 3 Units
PRAO 2055 Programming for Digital Communication 3 Units
PRAO 3046 Audience Measurement and Engagement 3 Units
PRAO 3065 Fundraising Events, Sponsorships, and Donor Management 3 Units
PRAO 3067 Health Communication and Information Campaigns 3 Units
PRAO 3076 Communication Training for Organizations 3 Units
PRAO 4025 Brand Strategy and Communication 3 Units
PRAO 4036 Social Communication and Advertising 3 Units
PRAO 4047 Service Experiences & Luxury Branding 3 Units
PRAO 4077 Special Topics in Communication Studies 3 Units
** 0-6 units from the following 5 courses: (#R-PRA-ELECT-001A)
PRAO 3085 Social Media @ Work 3 Units
PRAO 3087 Organizational Communication Issues and Processes 3 Units
PRAO 4057 Organizational Decision Making and Problem Solving 3 Units
PRAO 4066 Leadership Communication 3 Units
PRAO 4075 Comprehensive Management Trainee Assessment 3 Units
Remarks: 1. Students are required to take PRAO2005.
2. **Students are required to take 4 courses from #R-PRA-ELECT-001, out of these 4 courses, students can only choose at most 2 courses from #R-PRA-ELECT-001A.
3. To fulfill the minor programme requirement, students are required to complete at least ONE 3-unit course at the upper level (Level 3 or 4).


* 4-Year Curriculum