More than 70 students majoring in Journalism or Public Relations and Advertising have been managing the YouTube channels of seven local artists under the collaboration project between the School of Communication (COMM) and YouTube Hong Kong.

Through the creation of tailor-made promotional strategies and short videos for the artists, the students have been given the chance to gain hands-on social media marketing knowledge. Students taking the two courses, Social Media Content Management or Strategic Communication and Emerging Media Trends, formed six teams. The teams have been working with artists, namely Alex Lam, Lam Shan-shan, Chris Leung, Sherman Chung, Sukie Chung, Terence Siufay and J Arie, to produce a series of short videos.

Under the guidance of their lecturers and the appointed mentors from YouTube, students need to analyse the target audience and showcase their artists’ uniqueness with their creative ideas. With the support of the Environmental Campaign Committee under the Environmental Protection Department of the Government, some environmental protection messages will also be incorporated into some of these short videos to promote a sustainable low-carbon lifestyle. The videos are now available on the "GOOGLEinHK" YouTube channel.

As YouTube’s first academic partner in the Asia-Pacific, COMM, with the support of the Hung Hin Shiu Charitable Foundation, has co-organised this pilot campaign involving cross-disciplinary collaboration between students, a social media company and artists.