PRAD3055-CSR-Theresa-group PRAD3055-CSR-Theresa-group

We value every opportunity to make connection with our society. This time our students from the CSR class helped LCH Charitable Foundation develop a communication tool to voice their CSR efforts – in the form of an education outreach program run by Chung Ying Theatre Company.

“有『戲』有您” (Literal meaning: ‘In Dramas We Find You’) is a drama training program for retirees to learn about script-writing and acting for dramas related to dementia. This program helped the participants develop their “third career” while raising our society’s awareness of dementia.

We are engaged in a variety of activities, ranging from interviewing, photo-taking to writing, editing and graphic designing. The activities bore the fruit in the form of a booklet from which the public can find stories and messages about this commonly-neglected disease. Now, let’s take a look at our full-semester effort!

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