Guest Lecture on Social Media Captions for COMS Students Guest Lecture on Social Media Captions for COMS Students

Diane Chan, the Publisher and General Manager of Hong Kong Economic Times Ltd. (HKET), shared her insights on the media landscape in Hong Kong and the relationship between journalism and public relations. COMS Associate Professor Dr Angela Mak invited Diane to the PRAD4045 Advanced PR Writing course.

The shift from print media to digitalised social media platforms is intriguing COMS students, as there are never-ending debates on which medium would emerge as the most resilient capture.

As a news outlet, HKET consistently revisits its position in today's digitalised society. The publication prioritises "quality over quantity." In the age of information overload and short attention span, capturing attention and connecting with the audience is a constant challenge. Identifying and resonating with the target audience through a well-defined persona is the key to grabbing their attention. Whether news publishers prioritise public interest or lifestyle, online media is thriving on captivating daily topics, and finding a niche that addresses pain points is crucial for PR practitioners.

Diane urged students to move with the times, stay humble, and remain curious to learn. She also believes that by embracing humility and nurturing curiosity, we can continually improve, staying at the forefront of the industry and effectively navigating the ever-changing media landscape.