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Vivian SHEER 謝淳


PhD, University of Florida
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Vivian C. Sheer (Ph.D., University of Florida) is Professor in the Department of Communication Studies, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Trained in the empirical tradition of the social sciences, Prof. Sheer employs a variety of methods and measures in her research. She has published works in theory development, measurement assessment, and applied communication. Her applied research areas include health communication (e.g., antismoking interventions and AIDS/HIV prevention) and organizational communication (e.g., leadership behaviors and workplace interactions). The research designs she used include surveys, experiments, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and content analysis. Most of her publications are included in the Social Sciences Citation Index. She has received 10 top-three paper awards from various divisions of communication associations including the ICA and the NCA.


Editorial Boards

Journal of Communication
Leadership (Sage)
Management Communication Quarterly


Research Interests

Leadership Communication Theory and Application
Health Behavior Theory and Design
Workplace Communication
Applied Measurement and Instrumentation



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Chen, H. Y., Sheer, V. C., & Yeo, D T. E. (forthcoming). What they say and do in Chinese organizations: Examining the four aspects of leader-member exchange of the LMX-COMM Model. In M. B. Hinner (Ed.), Communication science and linguistics for business administration and management. New York: Peter Lang.

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Sheer, V. C. (2012). Does email facilitate negative performance feedback giving?: Supervisor and subordinate perceptions examined via the concept of social accountability in Hong Kong samples. Communication Studies, 63(2), 220-242.

Sheer, V. C. (2012). Supervisors’ use of influence tactics for extra-role tasks: Perceptions by ingroup versus outgroup members in organizations in Hong Kong. Southern Communication Journal77(2), 143-162.

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Competitive External Grants

Sheer, V. C., & Shen, F. Y. Hong Kong University Grants Committee, General Research Fund. Project title: “Approaches of Social Norms in Antismoking Research: A Meta-synthesis and a Meta-analysis.” GRF12633816, HKD 196,082.

Sheer, V. C., & Liu, S. Australia-China Council. Project title: “Communicating Health: Chinese Older Migrants’ Choice of Chinese versus Western Medicine,” AUD 5,500.

Sheer V. C., & Chang, H. J., Hong Kong University Grants Committee, General Research Fund. Project title, “Developing and Testing Interpersonal Strategies for Resisting Smoking Initiation among Chinese male youth: A formative research project.” GRF248812, HKD 543,462.