Assistant Professor and Programme Director of Public Relations Concentration

PhD, Texas A&M University
CVA Room 909
Advice to Students
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Elina R. Tachkova (Ph.D., Texas A&M University) is an Assistant Professor in Public Relations in the Department of Communication Studies, School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Elina’s research examines how organizational crisis response strategies affect stakeholder perceptions and reputation following a crisis. Her research agenda is also focused on examining the relationship between scandals and crises and the communicative implications it poses for crisis communication research and practice. Elina’s work has appeared in several edited volumes and international peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Communication Management and Corporate Communication: An International Journal.

Prior to her Ph.D. studies Elina obtained her B.A. in Marketing and Management Communication and a M.A. in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University, Denmark.


Research Interests

Crisis Communication and Management
Risk Communication
Strategic Communication
Corporate Social Responsibility



Tachkova, E. R. (2020). Enhancing post-crisis communication through memorials: The case of the Bonfire crisis at Texas A&M. Corporate Communications: An International Journal25 (3), 395-411. doi: 10.1108/CCIJ-12-2019-0146

Coombs, W. T., & Tachkova, E. R. (2018). Scansis as a unique crisis type: Theoretical and practical implications. Journal of Communication Management23 (1), 72-88. doi: 10.1108/JCOM-08-2018-0078

Coombs, W. T. & Tachkova, E.R. (in press). Anxiety and remote segments: Extending the value of crisis translation in crisis communication. In S. O’Brien and F.M. Federici (eds.), Translation in Times of Cascading Crisis, London, Bloomsbury.

Coombs, W. T. & Tachkova, E.R. (in press). Crisis communication theory: Emergence of a vibrant sub-field of public relations. In E. Sommerfeldt and C. Botan (eds.), Public Relations Theory III, New York: Routledge.

Holladay, S. J., & Tachkova, E. R. (2021). Public relations for stakeholder and societal engagement. In C. Valentini (Ed.), Handbook of communication science: Public relations. De Gruyter Mouton.

Coombs, W. T., Holladay, S. J., & Tachkova, E. R. (2019). Crisis/Risk Communication/Issues Management. In B. Brunner-Johnson (Ed.), Public Relations Theory: Application and Understanding. Wiley & Sons Publishing.

Coombs, W. T., Holladay, S. J., & Tachkova, E. R. (2018). When a scandal and a crisis fuse:  Exploring the communicative implications of scansis.  In M. Hendriks and A. Haller (Eds.), Scandology (pp. 171-190). Köln, German: Herbert von Halem.



Marcia and Kirk Blackard ’63 Fellowship in Communication, (2021), Department of Communication, Texas A&M University.
Teaching-as-Research Fellowship, (2020-2021), Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning, Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, Texas A&M University.
Dissertation Fellowship, (2019-2020), Office of Graduate and Professional Studies, Texas A&M University.
Research enhancement grant, (2019-2020), Department of Communication, Texas A&M University.
Professional Development Support Award, (2017), Department of Communication, Texas A&M University.