Dave De Guzman CENTENO Dave De Guzman CENTENO
Dave De Guzman CENTENO

Visiting Professor

PhD in Marketing City University of Hong Kong MA Communication, BA Speech Communication (Magna cum laude) University of the Philippines

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CVA Room 929D
Advice to Students
True golds are forged in fire – as many philosophies guide us – hard and smart work pays off. Respect traditions while embracing change and innovation.

Dave Centeno is a visiting professor at the Department of Communication Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University. He is also a Full Professor of Marketing (on special detail) at the University of the Philippines (UP) Business School. He was conferred the title of UP Scientist I in 2018-2020.

He earned a PhD in Marketing from the College of Business at City University of Hong Kong. He was a research fellow at the Kadokawa Culture Promotion Project with the Media Contents Research Initiative – Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at the University of Tokyo, Japan in 2015.

Dr. Centeno’s research covers celebrity endorsement strategy, advertising and branding, cultural strategy in marketing, and consumer behavior. His works have appeared in the Journal of Advertising ResearchJournal of Business Research, Journal of Consumer Marketing, Journal of Destination Marketing & Management, Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, and Asian Journal of Social Science.

Apart from his academic work, he also engages in consulting work for marketing and communication research and training with several Philippine private companies and government agencies.


Research Interests

celebrity and social influences, branding and advertising, cultural studies in marketing, consumer behavior, and innovation marketing



Journal Publications

Centeno, D. (2021). How the Brand–Endorser Origin Shapes Brand Attitudes and Purchase Intentions: Assessing Ethnocentric versus Xenocentric Mindsets And Their Impact on Messaging Persuasion. Journal of Advertising Research61(4), 414-435.

Centeno, D. & Wang, J. J. (2017). Celebrities as human brands: An inquiry on stakeholder-actor co-creation of brand identities. Journal of Business Research74, 133-138.

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Centeno, D. (2015). Constructing celebrities as political endorsers: parasocial acts, cultural power, and cultural capital. Philippine Political Science Journal36(2), 209-232.

Book Chapter

Centeno, D. (2017). Social media stakeholder co-creation of celebrities as human brands. In Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing (pp. 60-74). Routledge.

Conference Proceedings

Centeno, D., & Wang, J. J. (2014). Parasocial Memory: Consumers’ Symbolic Narratives and Cultural Distinctions of Celebrities’ Intimate Familiarity. Association for Consumer Research: North American Advances.

Philippine Business Case Studies

Centeno, D. (2021). FamilyMart Co.Ltd. and its “Asian Dream Team”. In B.P.B. Gutierrez, R. M. Lizares, & R.A. Rodriguez (eds.), Cases and Readings in International Business. pp. 299–344. UP Business Research Foundation, Inc.

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Echanis, E.S. and Centeno, D. (2018). “San Miguel Corporation: 1890-2007” in B.P. B.Gutierrez, R.A. Rodriguez, & E.S. Echanis (eds.) Cases in Strategic Management (pp. 225-262). Quezon City, Philippines: UP Business Research Foundation.

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Philippine Management Review

Mandagi, D.W., Centeno, D., and Indrajit (2022). Destination brand gestalt and its effects on brand attachment and brand loyalty, Philippine Management Review, 29(1), 1-24.

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Centeno, D. (2016). “Celebrities’ Parasocial Interaction and Relationships (PSIR): A Predictor of Voting Preference towards Endorsed Political Candidates” Philippine Management Review, 23: 53-68.



Outstanding Academic Performance Award (2015), School of Graduate Studies, City University of Hong Kong

Outstanding Teaching Award (SGS 8001), School of Graduate Studies, City University of Hong Kong (2014)

Recipient, University Grants Council PhD Scholarship, Hong Kong (2013-2016)

Research Collaborator (with Prof. Margaret Matanda, principal investigator) “Pro-environmental Behaviour: Effects on Sustainability and Pollution Mitigation Strategies in the Philippines”; Sydney Southeast Asia Center Collaborative Research Grant, University of Sydney, Australia.