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Over 200 guests including 2019, 2020 COMS graduates their family members, relatives and friends hared their happiness with us at CVA. Congratulations to all top honors project award recipients!

List of top honors project awardees 2019 and 2020:

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The School of Communication holds a celebration gathering for graduates of 2019 and 2020 on 21 November 2020 (Sat). Top Honors Project Awards Ceremony is also organized on the same day.

To celebrate this milestone event, we’re encouraging all of you to share in the excitement by joining the gathering and share the happiness with other graduates.


Key Details:

(1) Graduation Celebration Gathering (For all 2019 and 2020 graduates)

Date:  21 November 2020 (Saturday)

Time:  2:00 – 9:00 pm

Venues: CVA Building (all meeting rooms, labs, studios and the rooftop garden will be opened for photo taking and visit)

(2) Top Honors Project Awards Ceremony for 2019 and 2020 (For all awardees)

Date:  21 November 2020 (Saturday)

Time:  2:00 – 3:00 pm

Venues: CVA1022


For health prevention measure arrangement, the University requests access control and health declaration. All visitors/guests must register in the Visitor Registration System (VRS) in advance and complete the online health declaration on the same day of the celebration gathering before allowing access to the CVA Building. If you and your family member(s) will come to join the event (maximum 2 members), both have to provide your personal information in the Google Form asap.

 Here are the procedures for visitors.

  1. Provide your personal information in the Google Form
  2. Department will register for you on the VRS
  3. Unique QR code will be sent to you and each of your family member(s) registered individually (if your guest don’t have email, please provide yours instead)
  4. On the day of the celebration gathering, you and each of your family member(s) registered are required to complete the online health declaration before coming back to CVA (link will be provided in the QR code email)
  5. At the CVA Building entrance, you and your family member(s) have to scan the QR code for entering the building

This collection of online learning tools has been created by the Student Relations Team to assist your learning.

You can simply click the icons of different software there which will take you to the websites with information about the available resources.

Hope you find this valuable toolkit useful!


E-learning Toolkit

Welcome to the 2020-2021 academic year.

Hope you all stay healthy and safe.

Given the community-wide outbreak of the pandemic, the University decided to deliver all classes online. Although it is a hard time for all of us, the COMS community spirit remains strong and vital. The Department has responded to these recent challenges with ingenuity and compassion. We truly hope that we will meet on campus one day.

We are delighted to welcome Jos Bartels as our Associate Professor of the Department of Communication Studies!

Prior to his appointment at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU), he was the Assistant Professor in Communication Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and at Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

He is also an enthusiastic and popular teacher among students who won the Best Teacher Award 2019-2020 of Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, Tilburg University, the Netherlands.

His recent research on Supervisor Phubbing Phenomenon in Organizations: Determinants and Impacts will be published shortly.

In addition to his astonishing teaching profile and distinguished research achievement, Jos is a running lover who runs 5 times a week. He also ran for his first half-marathon in 2020.

He encourages himself and all of us “Treat others, like you wanted to be treated”.

Welcome to our school!

The Department encourages students to participate in department-supported activities/ events actively. The honour is awarded to COMS students who demonstrate outstanding records of participation in the previous academic year.


To qualify for this award, the applicants must be
• Year 3/ Year 4 COMS students
• A CGPA of 2.5 or above

|No. of Awards and Amount|
HK$5,000 each for 6 students (2 for each concentration)

|Deadline for Applications|
31 October 2020

|Application Procedures|
• Applicants are required to send an email to Ms. Nicola ( to indicate their participation throughout the previous one/ two academics years. Note that the activities in the most recent year will weigh more.

• Applicants are highly recommended to submit a proof of participation as the
attachment along with the email. Evidence of involvement could consist of photos, email, certificate, appreciation letters, or any other documents if applicable

• Examples of COMS Department-supported activities/events include, but not. limited to,

  • Internship
  • Competitions (e.g., advertising competition)
  • Conferences (e.g., academic conferences)
  • Seminars (e.g., faculty forum)
  • Information Day
  • Department-organized Study Tour
  • Exchange Program
  • Student Consultation
  • YCP/TYA activities and events
  • Online Communication (e.g., add/share/like the Department’s Facebook posts)
  • Teaching evaluation activities (e.g., course feedback and student survey)
  • Activities that promote the Department
  • Represent the Department in the University’s or School’s activities/events


Awardees may expect to serve as student representatives on behalf of the Department of Communication Studies for department-related events or activities.