A special gift to PR graduating students

[給PR同學們的畢業禮物] 圓通財經公關顧問創始人陳民傑 (Thomas Chan)在最後一堂的PRAD4045 Advanced Public Relations Writing 帶來近3小時的特別guest lecture ——「大人物的左右手——公關之道」,分享處理香港經典PR案例時發生的精彩故事。而大師兄Thomas就是公關領域的活字典,總能解答大家對PR行業的各項難題,以下是一些Year 4 PR同學對這份「畢業禮物」的感謝句:

「今日喺大師兄身上完全感受到作為公關嘅專業同霸氣,好有魅力!可以喺3個case sharing即場體驗公關嘅臨場感同埋決策力,好玩同時大開眼界!」



[A special gift to PR graduating students] Mr Thomas Chan, founder of Yuan Tung Financial Relations and COMM distinguished alumnus, gave a 3-hour special guest lecture to students in PRAD4045 Advanced Public Relations Writing. Thomas is a walking dictionary and addressed all sorts of issues/questions related to the PR field. Here are a few notes from Year 4 PR students expressing their gratitude to Thomas:

“Really helpful and down-to-earth advice! The way Thomas explained what PR is and what PR must do is crystal clear. The case sharing revealed his mindset in managing the PR issues and crises, which is valuable as it cannot be extracted from any other places. The most impressive part of his sharing is that Thomas aroused my interest in gaining financial knowledge to better equip myself. I really enjoyed myself during the talk.”