HKBU Students Participate in a Crisis Simulation Exercise with Communication Experts from Edelman

Students in Dr. Ellie Tachkova’s class in Issues Management and Crisis Communication had an unique opportunity to engage with local PR practitioners on March 11, 2022.

Edelman experts Stefanie Wong and Belyndia Wang gave an inspiring talk to Year 3 and Year 4 students. The virtual guest segment is a part of the Department of Communication Studies’ efforts to bridge the gap between theory and practice. In their talk, Stefanie and Belyndia discussed the significance of Edelman’s Trust Barometer as well as the agency’s unique framework for managing crises. Stefanie and Belyndia presented culture specific examples and best practices in Asia for students to consider. Additionally, students were given an opportunity to participate in a crisis simulation, where they had to provide a solution for a client; their crisis responses were assessed by the two experts and the students received valuable feedback. This was a unique opportunity to gain insightful practitioner perspective to managing crises in the context of Hong Kong.