Inauguration Ceremony of The Young Agency 2021

Congratulations to the inauguration of the newly appointed executive committee of The Young Agency (TYA) on September 1, 2021. Their Guests of Honours include Dean and Prof. Huang Yu, Prof. Vivian Sheer, Dr. Regina Chen, Dr. Angela Mak, Prof. Jos Bartels, Mr. Henry Fung, and Ms. Olivia Tsang.
Inspired by the Japanese Kamu Yashiro culture, ‘The Unmei (Shrine)’ will be the leading theme for the TYA events held throughout the upcoming academic year. ‘We promise to do our best to unite members from all concentrations, and guide them through their journey in Communication Studies by providing the best services we can,’ said Nevaeh Wu, the Managing Director, on behalf of TYA 21-22. Wishing the new executive committee a huge success in the new academic year ahead.