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Promotional videos 2021 launched!!!

We are delighted to present the new promotional videos of the Department of Communication Studies.


The Department truly appreciates the effort of the students, alumni, and staff participating in this project despite the challenges of COVID-19. Special thanks to:


Producer/Project supervision: Vivienne and Barbara

Script by: Vivienne, Barbara, Aretha, Michael and Sophie

Script editor: (Manifesto version) Vivian, Florin; (Concentration version) Florin, Jason Hooi

VO: Angel, Christy, Daniel and Jason Hooi

Director: Yin

Art Direction: Joe

Main Cast: (Students) Angel, Christy and Daniel & (Alumni) Buji, Kitty and Lawrence

Other Cast: Jeanie, Chris, Chloe, Karen, Janus, Sung Pui Wah, Marcus, Haidy, Jacky, Joyce, Crystal, Luk Man Sin, Yeung Ching Yi, Trinity, Seamus, Herman, Johanna, Jason, Chou Ka Shing, Lam Yu Wai, Woo Tik Yu, Victoria, Yanka, Tracy, Ming