WhatsApp Sticker Packs “戴菌姐與毛菇仔” for “Beat the virUs” campaign

Staying in quarantine can never confine the boundary of creativity. During the pandemic of COVID-19, a student from Advertising and Branding concentration designed two sets of WhatsApp sticker, namely “戴菌姐與毛菇仔 抗疫篇” and “e-learning篇” for the “Beat the virUs, BU & I” campaign. The stickers depicted the everyday lives of epidemic prevention and e-learning. The humorous characters and resonating quotes of the sticker packs reconnect every socially distanced soul and encourages all of us to rediscover the happiness in spite of the bitterness in our lives. The sticker packs have reached a total of more than 9,000 downloads in two months time.

“Beat the virUs” campaign is launched by HKBU, which aims to help the community overcome the huge challenge posed by the COVID-19 outbreak using the creative and caring DNA of HKBU students from all faculties and staff.

The stickers packs are now available online.
戴菌姐與毛菇仔 抗疫篇:https://whatsticker.online/p/270175ryAQZhN/HK/zh
戴菌姐與毛菇仔 e-learning篇:https://whatsticker.online/p/270173y27w44D/HK/zh

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