PR Writing for Employer Luncheon 2020

To equip students with more real-world experiences, students from PRAD4045 Advanced Public Relations Writing class were invited to assist in the Employers’ Luncheon 2020, a large-scale annual event of HKBU, on programme planning and speech writing, to bring out the best in graduating HKBU students to the potential employers.

Employers’ Luncheon, which was planned to be held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on February 6 this year, objective of which is to capitalize our students’ strengths and to foster the collaboration between University and employers. Apart from letting students put theory into practice, this co-creation between the school and students also showforths the talents and creativity of young minds in the midst of the event.

Unfortunately, in view of the continuing spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the University had decided that the Employers’ Luncheon was cancelled. But the experiences of taking up a planning role in this remarkable event will still lay the foundation of their future career success.

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