Top Honors Project Awards Ceremony on 19 Nov

About 80 guests including 2018 COMS graduates and their family members shared their happiness with us at CVA. Congratulations to all top honors project award recipients!

List of top honors project awardees 2018:

Student Concentration Supervisor
Maggie Liao PR Dr. Angela Mak
Daisy Zhang AD Prof. Kineta Hung
Gina Lau AD Dr. Regina Chen
Rita Law PR Dr. Regina Chen
Iki Lee AD Dr. Janice Wong
Kortney Lee PR Dr. Janice Wong
Yannie Leung AD Dr. Terri Chan
Janet Mok PR Dr. Terri Chan
Moon Tsang AD Dr. Vivienne Leung
Jeanie So PR Dr. Vivienne Leung
Johnny Wong AD Ms. Jessie Ko
Kan Wong PR Ms. Jessie Ko
Volun Chen ORGC Prof. Chen Ling
Du Yunhai ORGC Prof. Chen Ling
Alvin Hui ORGC Prof Chen Ling
Ella Cheung ORGC Prof. Xiao Xiaosui
Offy Leung ORGC Prof. Xiao Xiaosui
Lepa Yu ORGC Dr. Michelle Huang


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