Campaign Planning students pitched ideas to Investor Education Centre management

Students in Professor Kara Chan’s Public Relations and Advertising Campaign Planning class presented their campaign strategies to senior management of Investor Education Centre. The campaign objectives are three folds: raising awareness of personal money management among tertiary students, promoting The Chin Family as an independent source for financial planning, and encouraging targets to download and use The Chin Family Money Tracker.

The class together conducted 30 qualitative interviews of tertiary students to evaluate the campaign launched by Investor Education Centre in April 2016. They were subsequently organized into six teams to work on the project. Capstone, the champion team leveraged on the daily life of Chin Junior, a university student of The Chin Family to achieve the campaign objectives. The campaign promotional tools proposed included a TV commercial, appearing of Chin Junior at university canteens, and installing gadget charging stations at campus to engage target audience. The judging panel considered the campaign plan feasible and engaging.

“It is great to journey through the whole campaign process with a real client”, Ondres Sykora, an exchange student from Czech Republic reported. “The experience enables us to develop research skills and creative design thinking.”

The Investor Education Centre generously donated $12,000 in scholarships as part of the competition. The class benefited from the process, the presentations, and the comments from the client.

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