Lola Wanying XIE 謝宛穎

Research Assistant Professor

Lola W. Xie (Ph. D., Penn State University) is a research assistant professor in the department of communication studies at Hong Kong Baptist University. Prior to joining HKBU, Dr. Xie worked as a public relations professional and political journalist in Washington D.C.

Her research investigates the use of digital media technology in community engagement, disaster communication, and health communication. She has a special interest in exploring various strategies for resilience construction at both community and individual levels. Specifically, she studied how communities use digital media technology to strength both internal and external connections, in order to fight against collective crises, such as natural disasters, public health emergency and political crisis. Her research has been published in various journals including Computers in Human Behavior, Journal of American College Health, and Journalism Practice. She has also published a book on community resilience and collective efficacy in the digital age.

Research Interests

Community Resilience

Public Engagement of Disaster Preparation

Narrative Persuasion

Health Communication

Community Engagement


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