A Warm Welcome to a New Associate Professor Vivien Zhou

Before joining Hong Kong Baptist University, Dr. Vivien Zhou was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community & Behavioral Health, Colorado School of Public Health. She received her Ph.D. in Communication from Cornell University.

Recently, her research on ethnic minorities’ perceptions of COVID-19 vaccines and challenges in the pandemic was published in Health Communication.

Vivien is an enthusiastic teacher committed to helping students become critical thinkers and competent professionals. She promotes active learning in the classroom and appreciates different learning styles. She encourages herself and her students to “always look at the two sides of the story before judging.”

At her leisure, she enjoys watching and playing live drama. By playing characters in dramatic performances, she learned how different people feel and think in various situations. She wants to expand that to research and uses narratives to disseminate health information. According to her, narrative-based health communication allows people to feel and experience the message rather than being told what to do.