COMS Launches a Digital Archive Showcasing the Exemplary Works of Students

In times of uncertainties where virtual learning has become prominent, it is essential that learning resources are made available for students to explore through digital means. Funded by the UGC’s Special Grant for Strategic Development of Virtual Teaching and Learning, COMS launches a digital archive which aims to showcase exemplary student works for facilitating peer-to-peer learning. Specifically, the course objectives, learning experiences and the process of creating the class projects are documented in the form of short videos. Students can access the videos from this archive anytime anywhere when they need inspirations from those who had experienced what they are about to.

We believe that this digital archive is both an inspiring and convenient way through which students can learn from others’ experiences. The whole project is coordinated and engaged by students in our Department. Throughout the project, students could improve their communication skills, gain new perspectives through self-reflection and sharing of own experiences, and build confidence from within. Besides, the insights shared by them are more pragmatic and helpful to other students, which enhances the efficiency of learning.

Link to the digital archive: